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Green Burry-Leather furnishing


  Green Burry - leather furnishings

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The Greenburry trademark of "bags for living".


Greenburry use an untreated and very high-quality leather. By the top quality of the products in connection with the individual and very trendy look, the brand was an instant success and stands for lifestyle and first-class design. The extensive range of brand Greenburry offers leather products for all occasions and situations.


The extensive Greenburry range offers leather products for all occasions and situations. Starting with high pockets suitable for a variety of purposes, such as briefcases and business bags, school bags for teachers or schools, women's handbags as well as extra men's bags. Here you will also find practical companions, such as various organizers or pencil cases and others in the office. Small leather goods for everyday life, such as various cases or keychains, are all Greenburry. Travel accessories and even mobile phone cases are in the offer. Motto of all Greenburry products is "bags for life". Leather products are particularly well known for their high quality materials and durable and compelling careful processing and emphasis on detail.


The branded Greenburry products are characterized by the exclusive use of natural leather from along with the strict ecological concept of the company. So an important contribution to environmental protection will be provided. But the lifestyle brand is not only in its products of high quality and environmental protection, but also in the production of goods is fairness writ large. The production facilities are inspected and certified establishments in India and Europe.


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Code: 201705CC25

Availability: Store: 2  pcs
24.00 EUR
19.83 EUR w/o VAT

Leather backpack Green Burry 1711-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
The backpack of Greenburry - ideal for everyday an...
164.00 EUR
135.54 EUR w/o VAT

Leather backpack Green Burry 1711S-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
118.00 EUR
97.52 EUR w/o VAT

Leather bag 1723M-25 smaller
Availability: Store: 1  pcs
112.00 EUR
92.56 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 20172725

Leather bag 1727-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
75.00 EUR
61.98 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 20173525

Leather bag 1735-25
Availability: Store: 5  pcs
69.00 EUR
57.02 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 20173625

Leather bag 1736-25
Availability: Store: 4  pcs
Leather travel bag, 7 outer pockets, 2 inner pocke...
231.00 EUR
190.91 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 20173825

Leather bag 1738-25
Availability: Store: 1  pcs
79.00 EUR
65.29 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 201739A25

Leather bag 1739A-25
Availability: Store: 1  pcs
158.00 EUR
130.58 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 201739B25

Leather bag 1739B-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
144.00 EUR
119.01 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 201742A25

Leather bag 1742A-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
223.00 EUR
184.30 EUR w/o VAT

Code: 20174325

Leather bag 1743-25
Availability: Store: 2  pcs
53.00 EUR
43.80 EUR w/o VAT

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